Wednesday, June 02, 2010

An interview in which I cuss

I had the best chat yesterday with Devlyn of Savor PDX, and she recorded it for her very fun show. I love her description of the tentacles of her hops. And, I love that there are four letter words on her show. I throw in a few too. Especially in regards to this skanky weather. Yes, I said skanky. It's cold and wet and pretty miserable.

I am working hard on keeping my "glass half full" about this weather but it's not easy. You can listen in to our chat about slug control, hops, what I had for lunch yesterday, and my history of gardening and why. I get the sense that Devlyn and I could chat for hours. Lucky for you we kept it within a half hour.

Check out the show here:

And check out the show's website here to listen to all of Devlyn's past great shows.

This audio thing is getting fun! Super big thanks to Devlyn for having me: I bow to your bacon making prowess.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

i really liked the energy bet the two of you during the show. i heard our little "score" comment. i have to admit i love the new found interest in learning the techniques of food preservation.

it is more than just a pocket of people here and there. it is like the mother ship has started to broadcast a message.

it scares me just a little because i wonder if there is a calamity on the horizon.