Friday, June 18, 2010

The sun came out and I took a photo of it so I'd remember it

There was a day of sunshine recently
In case you missed it, the sun did come out recently. It was a glorious day of sunshine. I took a photo of it so I'd remember it when it was away. It had been so long. I had missed it. I loved it so much I took its photo. It even smiled a little when I said CHEESE. Oh sunshine. My sunshine. Come back and stay awhile.

I go on a sunshine ramble on my latest show at Lelo Homemade. Lots of things I'm dreaming up, and lots of thoughts about what it feels like when the garden is awakening, the sun is awakening, and getting ready to live outside for the season.

You can listen to my ramble here.

And I wrote about rhubarb in my latest column over at Just Out. There's even a rhubarb limerick in there for you at the end. Oh rhubarb. It's such a funny plant/fruit/food/word. Take your pick. Rhubarb!

The lack of sunshine is making me loopy. Someone put out an Amber Alert for it, will you?


danger garden said...

Care to place any bets on when we will see it again?

Jennifer said...

Some signs of life in the garden...Adreanne eating the radishes and your amazing peas that are hanging over the fence, she said their so good I can't quit eating them. Adri told her it was okay, she could eat as many as she wanted, so back outside she went.

Heather said...

I read another blog where she password protects certain posts. She chose the password rhubarb just because she likes the sound of it. It is a cool sounding word when you think of it.