Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Link Love: July edition

I find the genius on the interwebz for you....

This is how we freeze large beautiful berries: especially raspberries and strawberries. But the genius is at the end of the post: I love the technique for Poor Man's Vacuum Seal.

Do you love homemade pie but don't want to make a whole one? Or perhaps your family doesn't love pie as much as you do (Jodi, I'm talking to you). Check out these adorable single serving pies, made in canning jars, and frozen prior to baking. Pop one in the oven when you need your pie fix. Genius.

Speaking of pie, check out the Cherry Republic, and all of the beautiful photos of this place over at MattBites. Wow. Now that's cherry pie, and gorgeous fruit to make it with.

Thanks to Canvolution for the tweet sharing this...reusable canning lids. Now you can reuse the jars, rings and even the lids, without having to buy more and more every year. Finally!

Herbal sun teas? She reads my mind. Why pay $2 a bottle for mint flavored water when you can create your own? I foresee lemon verbena waters in my future. And pineapple sage!


pam said...

What a great set of links!

Heather said...

Wonderful links Lelo! Thanks to your inspiration, I am in process of making my grandma's sweet pickles (eight whole days before canning!). If they seem to make it, I'll order some labels from you!

Magpie Ima said...

I just bought the reusable Tattler lids and I don't love them. They don't seal as reliably for me and you have to take the rings off so there's no way to use lovely, custom made canning labels.

As for the poor man's vacu-sealer, a funny story. I've done this for years and it works well. However, I once tried it while sealing up some fruitcake I was putting away to age. Unfortunately the rum vapors went right to my brain via the straw and I just about keeled over!