Thursday, July 01, 2010

Too cool not to share: some link love

I've been admiring some things lately and thought I should share them with you...

Kelly Wilkinson has been making all kinds of cool things over at MakeGrowGather, and you should check out her fun blog. I especially am liking her ode to lazy summers. But she recently achieved genius status with her tomato cage lanterns. I love this idea, especially since I have an old tomato cage with bent feet that would be perfect for this purpose. And don't even get me started on how cool these are.

I've been rejoicing in one of my favorite produce farms and stands out on Sauvie Island has opened a satellite stand in a parking lot not far from my house here in North Portland. Thank you Kruger's and welcome to N. Lombard! And concerts are back on this summer out at the farm, so make sure to add this calendar to yours.

Berry season is upon us and as she always captures little moments like berry picking so well, Chiot's Run has some lovely photos and an ode to berries. See her post here. Aah, she's making me remember the days of ollalieberries.

Raspberry ice cream? Someone's been reading my mind lately. I have some planned. A review like this should be listened to, and acted upon.

What does your garden sound like? No, really sound like? Mr. Brown Thumb posted this and it just blew me away. Be inspired and see if you can open your ears to the sounds in your garden next time you're in it.

This has me written all over it. You know how I love the margarita pie. Booze + dessert item = Perfect.


Unknown said...

i love those lanterns!!! will definitely have to make some of those after this seasons' veggies are kaput. new cages are in order for the next round. mine are so crumpled at this point, they are not really holding up any tomatoes..haha

thanks for the great links sis!


Anonymous said...

Hi~~ Love your new blog digs. Maybe they're not all that new. It's been awhile. With the garden stealing all my available time I am so behind on blog reading. Thank you for your recent comments on mine.

I can vouch for the lure of raspberries. Even the birds seem to be more attracted than usual to my patch. The ice cream recipe looks divine but I can feel my hips expanding just thinking about it. I wonder if I can savor a larger bowl of it if I use milk instead of the heavy cream, thereby fulfilling my mantra of "more is always better." LOL

Have a great 4th.