Monday, July 26, 2010

What does your garden sound like?

Living in the city, when we're in our garden we can hear kids playing, car stereos, laughter, and sometimes many different languages of the people walking by. Early this morning I heard nearby chickens squawking at each other. But when a breeze comes through the backyard, there's a new sound we're hearing.

Last week was the Cracked Pots show at Edgefield, one of my favorite gardening sales of the year, and it's not about the plants. This is one of two items I purchased at the show. I love John Glasser's eco-chimes for several reasons....the transparency of glass is an ongoing theme in our garden, and I'm just a sucker for this color of blue. He's taken something we'd throw into the recycling bin and made a great piece of art with it....and the sound is great. For me, wind chimes can border on the irritating if the sound is off or too much, but the sound of this glass-on-glass is wonderful.

I thought it only appropriate that it hang above the very location we most like to enjoy a cocktail.

Hope you're enjoying great sounds in your garden this summer!


Heather said...

I have my parents' windchimes on my porch and they are so soothing in addition to being full of memories.

A Lewis said...

Gardens DO have sound....yeah!

Ann Flowers said...

Just gone through your blog and found it impressive. Enjoyed the great sounds in your garden this summer!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I luv the sounds at night in the garden. The crickets and the toads rustling the leaves in the garden as they are looking for food. And the breeze as it moves the branches in the trees. Have a great week in your garden....Julian

LeLo said...

Heather-That's lovely.

A Lewis-Yes they do! And Wink has gotten back to barking at passing-by dogs. Yeah!

Ann Flowers-Thank you!

Tallulah/Julian-Oh to have crickets and toads in my garden. You are so lucky. Lovely!

rozanne said...

You know what sound I've actually grown to kind of enjoy? The sound of my neighbors sitting on their patio talking to friends and maybe playing--not too loud--some music--just enjoying summer and the outdoors just like I am! The other day they were playing a Bollywood soundtrack! This represents a major breakthrough in tolerance for me.

Other sounds: blue jays and crows screeching, teensy birds (wrens?) peeping, the jingle of the neighbor's cat's collar as he approaches and slinks under my garden gate to pay a visit and look through one of our windows to see if Rusty wants to come to the window to play.