Monday, May 09, 2011

Rediscovering a hidden talent

Wooden escalator gonna eat your toes
There's a talent I learned at a young age, and finely tuned and practiced as I grew. I practiced it with my mom, but my dad is pretty good at it too. I hadn't honed my talent as much in the past few years, but it's all coming back as of late, and that is the talent of shopping.

Being in NYC, a mecca for shoppers, meant raising the bar and doing some real shopping. Oh and we did, my friends, we did. In fact one evening, we closed down Bloomingdales (they close at 10pm in case you're wondering). I'm glad to know they still keep their brown bag branding: fantastic.

But the flagship Macy's? In the words of my traveling companion, Macy's won. I tried. Seven floors of goods, as far as the eye could see. But on a Sunday afternoon, it was packed, sales were in high gear, and the escalator was intimidating.

Yes, the escalator. I'm not escalator phobic. But this had to be the original escalator. I had never seen anything like it. I rode it all the way to the top floor, and all the way to the bottom floor. I took photos on it. I made a movie on it. It was loud, and it was made of wood. Clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack. If you had heels on, you'd be in real trouble on this thing. And the metal prongs facing your feet as you exit? Step quickly and get the hell off. See for yourself...

I didn't try on one thing nor buy one thing in Macy's. Too much too much. I've been thinking about it a bit. It was about the experience of being in this historic store, and in the end? The massive amount of options was overkill, over consuming and too much. There's something to be said for curation, taste, and specificity. And experience of place. I've attempted, on several occassions, to walk into H&M, both in Portland and in NYC. I don't get it. The hype and excitement for what they have? Horrific. Okay, maybe not horrific, but the cheap clothes and throw away stuff isn't my thing either. And the music should really be turned up higher (insert sarcasm).

I'm finetuning my craft here people. And while Macy's may have won this last round, my fabulous teal toenails in those red sandals will always trump any escalator, wooden or not.


Wacky Mommy said...

While you were *shopping* i was *gardening.* I put up pix for you!! go look.

i miss New York so much, i really love it there.

Paula said...

i would have totally been in love with that antique escalator, much as I have an antipathy toward escalators in general. You see, I once tripped getting on one and hit the edge of the first step with my shin. It never broke skin, but it left the deepest ridge-shaped dent in my shin, and then a pretty fabulous bruise. Yikes! So I am super careful, almost granny-like when getting on an escalator. However, I love working antiques and good engineering, so Macy's would have fascinated me.

And I noticed your teal toenails. It's much the same shade my little sister favors. And I like it with the red sandals; rather a fifties color combination!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

glad you are having a great time in a great city. love the teal nails in the sandals. that photo is great.