Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring in NYC

Blooming in central park
I escaped.
I fled. I flew.
Away from the grey cold rain of the Pacific Northwest and through the comfort of a middle seat on a red-eye flight, awoke to a city abloom and awake in springtime bliss.

NYC was ripe for the taking, and perfect for a mix of business (visiting clients) and pleasure (traveling with a friend for a cultural infusion).

I haven't fully processed the trip, but am getting there.

Until more comes to mind to share, I give you some images of spring in the big apple. Delightfully dripping with blooms and sunshine warm enough to play in the park and sit on the steps to take in the Vitamin D.

Tiny people in Union Square

Blooms overhead in Manhattan

Lilacs by the bucket

Wisteria in Greenwich village

Evening in central park

Busy day in Central Park


Flower gyrl said...

Wonderful blooms. I flew away too...except I'm in the desert, which is also blooming away and summer-time hot.

Paula said...

Lovely. That one picture of the wisteria with the bay window actually made me say "Wow!" I liked the bridge picture too.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

Lilacs!! Tell me you stuck your nose right in those suckers! I'm turning green with envy right now.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

greetings LeLo. Back in blog action. Gonna get caught up with what has been happening in LeLo land. Lilacs do let us know it is safe to drop some bank at the nursery. best wishes, marie

Unknown said...

Wow. Beautiful. We're going in October for our anniversary. I can't wait to see those colors turn. Any food or site recommendations are appreciated...