Monday, September 19, 2011

Preparing: That includes readying for Vegemite

Lots of itinerary planning going on over here in preparation for our big adventure to the land down under. Thanks to a recent care package received from my sister and family who live in Australia.....
australia planning: the care package arrived

We decided to give it a go in trying out the Vegemite.  What could be so bad? We had seen the Oprah Australia episode and even she liked Vegemite, right? So we seized the opportunity to buy some good bread (OMG bread I barely know ye as the carb reduction in this household has reduced its presence to zilch) and thought we'd capture the glorious moment of the first taste of Vegemite.
Let's try Vegemite!

Thought we'd start out with just two little slices in the beginning. We can always do more, right?

Should we try Vegemite?

Wow. It's really dark. And the smell is, well, unrecognized. As in, I couldn't put a finger on it. Good? Not necessarily. Bad? Unknown.

AdRi is excited though.

Someone's excited to try her Vegemite

Bottoms up!


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Nnnnnnoooooooooooo!


Stephen said...

What a lucky girl!
It will have to remain on my list of things to do before & die.
Happy & safe travels...

Alison said...

You used too much. Most people make the mistake of spreading it like jam, and that's not how it's done. You should use a tiny, tiny, thin scrape of it. Loved the looks on your faces though, at the first bite.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

sorry about the vegamit. aDri ??!!
regarding the trip ..... you made it happen !! you deserve it. you are awesome.

Mom said...

No can always use the leftovers to strip your floor!

Heather said...

I keep a jar in the fridge but only for use in cooking, like a teaspoon in soup bases. On toast? Yuck!

Grace said...

Never heard of the stuff. I think, from your reaction that this might be one of those "foods" that should not be eaten.

Miracle Minnie said...

Hahaha.... what Alison said. Also, it's well-liked spread thinly atop some butter. You guys used enough on 2 slices for a whole loaf of bread! :D

MHynesPDX said...

That is exactly how I felt when I tried it!

MulchMaid said...

Butter the bread first, then as Allison said, just spread a thin smear over the butter. That's the way to eat Vegemite or Marmite. Good source of B vitamins!