Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So many things come full circle

I had a deep post in mind about music and how it's at the core of my being, but I've trashed that and am just going to give you this:

Yes, that's Duran Duran, and yes, I did take that photo this past Saturday night. Yes, they are on tour, and yes, you should go see them. I loved Duran Duran at age 16, and at age 40-something, I love them just the same. So much so they leave me speechless for this post. And no, it's not from all of the screaming I did Saturday night. I might have. Maybe. Okay yes I did. They are awesome. The end.
Disclosure: Yes I received free tickets and yes I'm blogging about them. It doesn't change how much I love/loved Duran Duran and OMG that was from the sixth row.


Paula said...

I am going to send a link to your post to a buddy of mine who is such a fanatical Duran Duran fan (is that redundant? I mean the fanatical fan part, not the Duran Duran part, which is obvious) that she goes to all their concerts in the various cites of her state, as well as cities out of state that are close to where she lives.

She'd understand.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

glad you had a great night a concert !!!

Amy said...

I liked Nick, because my friend Jackie liked John and Becky liked Simon, and who in their right mind could like Roger or Andy? Eighth grade was tough!


Great photo. Glad you had fun.

Paula said...

I sent my friend a link to your blog, saying 'a link for you, because you'd get her,' and her response was: "Two weeks. St. Augustine. Second row center. Nuf said. Oh, I get it."