Thursday, October 27, 2005

Instructions, clarifications and other bathroom guidelines

This is for real people. Posted in the women's restroom. I really don't want to know how serious the issues were that caused the need for signs and the accompanying toilet brushes. Egads. If you can't read the sign, click on the photo for up close and personal.



Ja'AmLo said...

at my old office, we put a sign up to lift seat was one of those industrial hazard types that showed a stick figure getting sawn in half by some gears. Last time I returned to Hawaii, it was still there, accompanied by a new sign that read - Vomit on the Floor makes the Clowns Slip and Fall, in French, with a stig figure clown slipping, red nose and all.

You could have some fun with this.

Rozanne said...


You're going to have to start bringing bleach and the Comet cleanser to work!!! If *fecal* matter is the problem, you need more than just a toilet brush!

Anonymous said...

Was that at the "House of Tang"?

Jay said...

Seriously, you women and your terrifying bathroom habits. I'm glad that being a man I never have to deal with those kind of conditions.

LeLo said...

I should clarify: this is NOT at my work. God knows we don't have problems like this!