Monday, October 10, 2005

Movies movies movies…

…and they’re gay gay gay! Ah, it’s time for the Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. AdRi and I have been poring over the fancy full color guide that came in the recent Just Out, circling, starring, and putting in our calendars all of the movies we want to see. So many movies, only so much time. Here are some of my top picks:

Adam & Steve

Combining irreverent humor and heartfelt romance, Adam & Steve co-opts American cinematic 'formulas', namely the romantic comedy and movie musical, and turns them inside out while paying homage to them at the same time.

Life in a Box
Jay and Steven, a singing duo called Y'all, struggled for nearly a decade to make a living with their music in New York and Nashville. They were determined to be the Sonny and Cher, the George and Gracie of their generation.

The Aggressives

The Aggressives is a dynamic film shot in vibrant NYC on digital video, featuring intimate interviews with six lesbians who define themselves as "Aggressives".

Girls Shorts
We’ll definitely be at this one. A collection of short films of lesbian interest. Ooh la la. Especially since they’re showing Guinevere Turner’s latest short, “Hung.”

That Man: Peter Berlin

With his trademark Dutchboy haircut, Tom of Finland physique, and oh-so-tight trousers, Peter Berlin was the poster boy for the hedonistic and sexually-liberated 1970s.
Uh, the picture above really says it all. Ooh la la!

The full schedule is over here. Check it peeps for a lot more movies and full schedule.

Why the gay movies? We rent and see a lot of GLBTQ flicks here at the LeLo household. There’s something to be said about watching people you can relate to. Whose side comments you recognize, relationship specifics that are familiar, stereotypes that ring true or ridiculous…seeing people like you makes you feel not so far away from them all. And, the film festival is a great time to see a whole lotta queer folks and queer lovin’ folk out and about. You know the chicks are gonna pack the house for Girls Shorts. Hell yeahs I’m gonna be there!


Anonymous said...

MMmmm, Tom of Finland physique.
Is that a roll of quarters in Peter's pocket?

Anonymous said...

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for lelo's glbt movie reviews!

(and even though I don't always get the side comments, I do enjoy glbt flicks :)

geeekgirl said...

I went to a gay comedy night with my cousin a few years ago, and I was amazed by how many jokes I didn't really get, not being gay.

Maybe I should check out the film festival so I can get in touch!

Anonymous said...

That man, Peter Berlin?

He's H A W T