Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thugs seeking jobs? Greek Cusina will hire you!

That downtown icon is a nasty mean place. This is the conclusion I’ve come to. Yeah yeah yeah, they break plates and do all that stuff. They’ve got that funny purple octopus on top of the building. They even sell hats of the funny purple octopus. But they’re also a magnet for massive fights, drunks, and just bad scene. I’ve seen the typical male aggression there and it’s not pretty.

But in todays’ Oregonian’s Crime Stoppers column is the story of the fine Greek Cusina employee who is accused of beating the crap out of a customer, after they left the restaurant. Evidently Shawn McCorkle, 32, is wanted on a $500,000 warrant for first degree kidnap and second-degree assault. Whoa! It sounds like he and a couple of his thug buddies were working security (Powered by Ozo!) and after a customer was booted, they “followed the man, grabbed him around the neck, dragged him across the street, down the sidewalk and back into the Greek Cusina” where they proceeded to beat him brutally with a frickin’ fire extinguisher.

Nice! That’s a fine, fine establishment. And I’m sorry, but it’s not just this one guy. If you’ve ever encountered the owner during lunch time and how he speaks to his employees, it’s embarrassing and sad. I used to be a fan of their new salad-to-go deli thing they opened, but after seeing the owner berate an employee in front of customers, and now this story, no more Greek Cusina for me.

P.S. Evidently the “greek mafia jerk” at the door scene is pretty well known.


brett said...

i used to go to the greek cuisina in the early 90s because my buddy loved the place and had become freinds with the owner or staff (don't remember.) i alwasy remember feeling unsafe and i'm a big guy. i always felt like i was a target for some ass clown who just wanted to get into a fight. guys would bump me and then give me that look like "what ya gonna do?" i would never engage and that sometimes caused other issues as they were just jackasses.
well, years later, i obviously don't go to those types of clubs anymore, but a co-worker has in the recent past. he told me almost the exact same story of some guys just trying to goad him into a fight for absolutely no reason.

gotta love portland nightlife.

on a side note, the owner got his hand slapped a month ago by olcc and had to close for 3 days and pay a big fine because they were free pouring ouzo one night. he claimed it was part of the "experience of a celebration." who's the idiot there?

Rozanne said...

I've never been there, because the owner sounds like a total ass wipe. Remember when he was trying to shut down all the food carts a couple of years ago? As if those microenterprises were cutting into his business.

Your post only strengthens my resolve not to give that guy any of my money.

Plus, that freakin' purple octopus is an eyesore.

Kathryn said...

I've only been there for a Christmas party, so it was a pretty benign thing. I'm glad you posted that so I wouldn't venture there with my little bro as I'm trying to show him the town! If I had it my way, we'd only go to Embers, but alas, my brother can only handle so many nights watching drag shows and listening to 80's dance music. It's heaven to me!!

geeekgirl said...

I never got over the food cart fiasco either.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again with apologies to JJ,
"That's D Y N O M I T E!

LeLo said...

The other stories shared by ya'll only enforce my thoughts that it's about time I cut them off the LeLo lunch list. If anyone recommends a great place downtown to get healthy salads for lunch to go, bring it on!

Ja'AmLo said...

sounds likea lunchtime fight club:

the first rule of lunchtime fight club, is don't talk about lunchtime fight club.

seriously though - wtf is this place? Without any knowledge of the establishment, this is a crazy post Lelo!