Thursday, November 17, 2005

Guadalajara Street Vendor

This is one of my favorite photos of Guadalajara. These are different kinds of agua frescas, drinks. Aren't they pretty? The hot pink one intrigued me, and I found out it was Strawberry flavored horchata. Hmm...horchata. Tell me you've had it, right? Usually it's white and looks like milk. It's made from rice, sugar, ground almonds (sometimes), and cinnamon. It's very tasty and refreshing. AdRi's mom taught me how to make it by running rice through a blender until you have a powder, and then soaking it in water, and then straining it all through cheesecloth. But I had never seen PINK horchata. Alas, I didn't try it: I'm not the bravest street vendor eater. But they're so pretty! Other flavors included sandia (watermelon), tamarind, and hibiscus flower.


Anonymous said...

OMG there is this great whole - in - the - wall taqueria in downtown Santa Barbara with the BEST Horchata.
MMM almondy!!!
I wonder how the Tamarind Horchata rates.

Zoe said...

I LOVE HORCHATA and I want more details on how to make it, please.


Also, I wonder if you'd send me a recipe for chayote squash- I've never had it, although I sold a bunch of them when I lived in Los Angeles.

I know, I feel so needy asking for these favors- but I can't help it!

They have strawberry horchata at WinCo, but I love plain horchata too much to mess with it.