Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Whirlwind tour of Guadalajara, Tonala, Tlaquepaque, Zapopan, Mexico City, Puebla and Cuatla

Guadalajara public building walkway
Did you get those names? How’d you do with the pronunciation? Yes, peeps, we’re back and had a great time in Mexico. Day of the Dead was beyond my dreams, AdRi’s family was incredibly gracious, and good times were had by all. Until the end and I’m now at home in the end recovery stages of the famed Mexico traveler’s illness. Damn, wouldn’t you know it?! Lots and lots of photos and stories to come…..but can I first say what a shock it is to return to Portland’s cold weather? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Yay LeLo's back!
I was just readin your praise of the Nortec Collective and thinkin' "Hey I wonder if she/they got sick down in Mexico"?
And low and behold...

Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Kathryn said...

Welcome back, we missed you! Glad you had a great time, sorry about the sickies.