Saturday, February 18, 2006

Full of Grace!

virgin mary blesses the daffodil buds
Anyone else love the movie Pecker? I can't look at a Virgin Mary statue without playing Full of Grace! Full of Grace! in my head. Props to Bag-o-Donuts for helping out with that one. Have had some other fun pop ins lately from people IRL visiting da blog. Hi mom! Everyone wave to mom. Her warm hugs are the best and I love when she comments because I can hear her voice in the words she writes.

Made it home, late late late last night. Had a delay in Chicago, and the gate staff abandoned their post for 2 hours while a plane load of Portland bound passengers stood around watching the delay update every 15 minutes. Our plane was there and ready, but our flight crew was not. And no one could tell us if we'd eventually be getting out or not. I suppose gate staff have been laid off with the airline budget cutting: comforting, isn't it? What can you do? I'm just glad to be home and to have a whole long weekend to rest, relax, and hang out.

Wink is fine (of course) and though the vet said she'd have little appetite and just want to sleep, she ate a huge breakfast this morning and is up and about playing with her chew bone, wiggling around, and pretty much back to her happy-go-lucky self. No walks for a few days, so we'll just lay low and snuggle. Nice. Thank you for the nice thoughts! I was feeling a bit melancholy yesterday.

Stay warm this weekend peeps!


The Q said...

YEA for laying low and snuggling!

Glad to hear Wink is ok and you're home safe and sound.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne said...

pecker is one of my all time favorite movies ever.
the latest waters film doesn't come close, in my opinion.
i do the same full of grace thing.
and i was born on tuesday, which makes me full of grace as well! (or full of something, anyway!)
great photo and welcome home.

sttropezbutler said...

Are we the three people who actually saw Pecker?

Have a warm weekend. It is COLD in Houston. Like 38 degree cold!