Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've got my eye on you.

up close and personal
Feel like someone is staring at you? Yep, that's me. You know what this means. It's Self Portrait Tuesday.

So I've been wearing my glasses a lot because my eyes get tired with my contacts. Plus, I'm super sensitive to different contact lens cleaning solutions and there are times when I have severe chemical reactions to them—like ultra sensitivity to the sun, which is not good for me, the sun lover. And last week I was so damn busy I ran out of cleaning solution and seriously didn't have time to get more.

So it was the glasses. For about two weeks, actually. I've been considering lasik so that I can remove this task from my life, and to not have problems seeing. Glasses in all of our rain can be a little irritating, just because of the need for windshield wipers. But the thought of having clippers holding my eyelids open for the eye slicing creeps me out. Both my parents have had eye surgery: cataracts are most likely in my genes, so it's inevitable the time will come when those clamps will one day hold my eyelids open.

Okay, I'll stop staring at you now. Happy day.


Anonymous said...

I saw your pic and though, "Hi, Lelo!" and waved.

okay - I didn't really wave ;-)

anyway, I didn't get glasses until about a year ago and couldn't bear the thought of putting thingies in my eyes every day, so I have glasses.

but now all I can think about are little clamps holding my eyes open...ick!

Kathryn said...

Hi Lelo.
The "heat" thing is kicking in.
Ginger is humping stuff.

mindlessgirl said...

first of all the glasses are rad...but more importantly, that pic startled the hell out of me...not because it is a bad pic (you are always beautiful) but because it does feel like you are looking right am...it made my arm pits tingle...

The Q said...

I think your glasses look fantastic! They're really cool and look good on your face.

That being said, the Hubs had Lasik (after being "blind" for 40+ years) and couldn't be happier. I made the mistake though of watching his procedure and *still* have nightmares. I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to do it, no matter how "blind" I am!

LeLo said...

I know, weird photo. It's why I posted it. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL PEOPLE. These self portrait things aren't easy. There's an actual monthly theme that I'm not really following: maybe I'll follow the rules in the future.

As to the comment RSG made, thanks for sharing that visual.

SoozieQ, that's the reason I can't watch operations on TV. CREEPS me out!

little sister, I'm waving back at you. See me?

mindlessgirl, maybe if I had taken a picture of my feet you'd be startled too. i'm wearing DANSKOS.

Rozanne said...

Like your glasses. Very hip and they look good on you.

Lasik totally freaks me out. Have you ever seen the film Un Chien Andalou? If you have, you know exactly what I think of when Lasik is mentioned.

brett said...

i love the glasses. i love all glasses. keep the glasses. think about your eyes. i don't have the luxury of 2 eyes, so my one is very very precious to me. my eye doctor convinced me awhile back to wear glasses- eventhough at the time i didn't require a prescription - for safety. he told me a patient was putting on his overcoat when a button snapped off, hit him in the eye and damaged it beyone sight.
i wear my glasses everyday - and proudly.
keep the glasses babe, you look good.

Helene said...

The glasses are cute... but Lazik rocks! I had it done 2 years ago and my husband just 4 weeks ago. We are both thrilled and the recovery time was nothing!!! I say go for it then put clear glass back into these glasses and wear them as an accessary!! cheers!! k

bemused said...

Eerie, SoozieQ, you wrote almost exactly what I would have written. Hubby goes in for "enhancement" of one eye Wednesday. We'll see if I'm brave enough to once again watch the procedure. As for me, I'll stick with contacts and glasses. I don't think there's enough valium in the world for me to submit to that procedure...

lelo, I just bought my first pair of Danskos! I was freaked about the price but man, oh, man, that was money well spent. I wore them every day at the NWFG show - 6 days walking on hard concrete - and my feet aren't sore one little bit. I'm sold!

Awesome photo, as always.