Monday, March 20, 2006

Yes, there really is a Dogster

You know Friendster, right?
Well, there's a Dogster now. And of course, Wink has her own page. Go give that dog a bone! I'll let you figure out who introduced us to Dogster. She may prefer to remain anonymous. :) However, Ginger really needs to get over there and register! Speaking of, I do believe she's coming to visit for an extended sleepover pretty soon. Wink is very excited.

What? You say you need more Wink fix? Here's something recently sent my way:go give Wink a new outfit.

And if that is STILL not enough of a Wink fix, here's a photo from a recent photoshoot. Naps are a good thing.
Wink naps


Blogzie said...

And, quite frankly, who doesn't enjoy a taste of kitty roca now and then?

It's all so cute I can hardly stand it.


Anonymous said...

dog with a blog. welcome to the 21st century (where only the cute dog blogs count - like wink's).

can't blame you, wink, for not enjoying the eye cleaning. blecht is right! oh, and that thing to dress you up is too much fun, so I'd better get back to work ;-)

jojo said...

I am enjoying reading your blog - you're a funny gal. Just wanted to say "hello" - I am a blog newbie.

Jay said...

As much as the idea of Dogster irks me, I think it's awesome that you get to rate their attributes like they do with superheroes.