Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dressing up for the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth, Love, Wink
Wink dressed up for you in her new denim dress. Yes, my dog wears dresses. And she looks damn good in this one. Note the hot pink ribbon I added as an accent...I couldn't find a red one. So she's sassin' it up today with a dash of hot pink. We went for a long long walk today and she's spent. Me? I'm enjoying an amazingly lovely long weekend. I'll be making Rosanne Cash's Potato Salad a little later (thank you, epicurious.com) and we'll be BBQing dogs and chicken. And I couldn't help myself with this one...
Does anything display my patriotism more than the dedication it takes to make layered Jello desserts? I didn't think so. That's Berry Blue on the bottom, and Wild Strawberry on top. Hope to share these with a neighbor a little later.

We're layin' low this weekend, and working in the garden. (You can see photos of our gardening craziness here.) It's a good time to be outside, and we've been spending our evenings on the front porch, playing Uno by candlelight and laughing. It's a good feeling. Tonight, we'll blow the crap out of a bunch of fireworks in the street and hopefully won't start any fires doing so.

And finally, here's a true patriotic gift for all you Hasselhoff fans. He has a new video for us. And it's a doozie.
Damn. That link isn't working. Try it here!


Betsy said...

My sister in layered jello desserts! Very nicely done...

Maggie said...

"Don't Hassel the Hoff" ROFLMAO!!!

Thanks for the patriotic gift!!

Connie in FL said...

That's beautiful Jello! I can only assume Cool Whip will be added just before serving.

Spent the evening at the Clearwater Library watching fireworks over the inter-coastal waters. My grandparents would have loved it.

witchtrivets said...

Enjoyed the jello and Wink pics -- not sure I can say the same about the Hoff. He is so odd, yet I cannot stop watching him. He is mesmerizing.

I envy you your evenings on the porch. It is miserably hot now in NC and the mosquitos and wasps have made themselves at home on our porch and chase us off every time we try to take advantage of it.

Loved the photos of the pink sky. Totally cool.

Kat said...

Wink is so cute!!! I am impressed with the layered jello! :)

I wonder if Hasselhoff takes himself seriously? That was about the most ridiculous video ever. Thanks for the laugh! :)

Kathryn said...

Hasselhoff again?

Winky looks adorable as usual.

Rozanne said...

That jell-o dessert is just crying out for Cool Whip!

Hasselhoff is a nut. A repulsive nut. I love the way the women rebuffed him, esp. the blonde one.

Monogram Queen said...

Wink is just darling! I heart layered jello desserts too, so... wiggly and fun!
Nothing beats the hoff surging, that one about put me in la~la land! Sounds like y'all had a happy 4th!

StePHen said...

that USA jello looks delicious. how patriotic of you :) and i totally dig it when pups where clothes.... uno by candlelight. can i steal that one? sounds perfect.

hope you guys had a great time with those fireworks and no one caught on fire! :)

Jay said...

I'm all about Jell-O. Well, I was until I learned how gelatin is made, something everyone should know. I'll leave it up to you to search out the answers.

Oh, and the Hoff vid is busted. I feel cheated.