Sunday, August 06, 2006

Estoy cansada

Mariachis at wedding
(I am tired.) I'm ending my week of vacation with much better spanish (I can actually understand conversations around me now: yeah!), and completely exhausted and tired. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Super wonderful to have AdRi's family here from Mexico City, Kenya, Chicago, San Diego, Pendleton....but AdRi knows, I'm familied out. Done. Here, in a rambling of palabras (words), are the cosas (things) we did this week...I know you're jealosa de mi Spanglish, yo se.

bridal shower, dad's retirement party, gaston, bbq, driving, switch cars, contractor, call new contractor, drop off laptop, shopping, farmer's market, lincoln city, beach, fire, s'mores, bikes, kids, go boom, laugh, laugh more, outlet stores, new shoes, can old navy get any cheaper?, AdRi's birthday, foot massage, barefoot sage, having thai food with someone who has never tried it before, wedding rehearsal dinner, bbq, cell phone calls, more shopping, nap, wedding, photos, more photos, more family, stress, fun, laugh, drama, mariachis, dollar dance, symphony in the park, farmers market and the world's brightest gladiolas, fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella (is there anything better to eat in the summer than this?), muchas palabras y mas espanol, taking family to Target for the first time (the $1 spot aisle was muy popular), walking, sleeping on an air mattress, AdRi to PDX yet again, not sleeping on an air mattress, Columbia River Gorge, waterfalls, Wink goes hiking, parents for dinner, upload photos...tiempo dormir? Tiempo dormir. All is well.

Here are some photos that go along with my blathering of words.....
Wedding at Jenkins EstateSo romantic
Familia from Mexico City, symphony at McCoy Park
View along the Historic Columbia River Highway
Classic Oregon photo
Wink goes to the GorgeWink goes to the Gorge 2
Wink goes to the Gorge 3
Visiting waterfalls in the gorge


Zoe said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your vacation. The pictures are fantastic.

Monogram Queen said...

It sounds great (exhausting but a fun kind of exhausting) and the pictures are breathtaking. Wink was so brave!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired too, whew!!!

Winky, Winky is so cute, I really need some Winky time!

AdRi had a birthday and I didn't even have a cake and champagne for her. I AM a bad friend. Raincheck???

Let's get together, as soon as you're recovered.

Maggie said...

Ohhhh! Muy bien! Muy bien!

Did they get married at Multnomah Falls? I love that place. So pretty.

witchtrivets said...

Great pictures and beautiful views. Looked almost too nice to be real. Sounds exhausting, but fun.

Rozanne said...

Multnomah Falls is such a must for all out-of-town visitors, isn't it?

It's a tourist trap, but in the nicest possible way. Sometimes I even make people walk all the way to the top. Not to the bridge--to the tippy top. There's an absolutely gorgeous hike that starts at the top and at least six more waterfalls.

End of tangent.

Your vacation sounds fun, but definitely exhausting. I love the photos of the mariachis!

P.S. I hope no one talked at that symphony concert.

Anonymous said...

hola, lelo!

gorgeous shots of the wedding at the falls! and Wink is so workin' it bay-bee! yeah - she's a natural in nature ;)

oh, yeah, family is good only in very very small doses...very small.

do I ever need to learn Spanish! mi hija is fluent in it, go figure - she was born in the Netherlands. buuuut....thanks to the exploding Latino population in Indy, my spanglish gets better every dia! (I even knew what cansada means before I read your translation - how cool is that!)

awesome fotografias :)

Kat said...

That waterfall is gorgeous! Look at Wink! How cute is he?! :)

StePHen said...

damn girl youve been busy but hopefully that scenery is helping to make up for it!