Monday, August 28, 2006

Has anyone seen Wink?

Wink? Can't find her. Maybe over here. Or over here? No. Why isn't she coming when I call her? Wink? Could she be upstairs? So I go up the stairs, and here she sits.
Anyone seen Wink?
Just staring at me. I know she can hear me. She doesn't want to come. "Maybe if I sit real still, she won't see me." Sneaky snake.


Monogram Queen said...

Reilly does the same thing. Must be a "poo"dle thing. This morning, he was lying on the bed and I was calling and calling him and when I peeked in he cocked one eye at me like "don't bother your highness".

Kat said...

Wink almost looks stuffed! So adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

I thinketh Wink takes after her master!
Hugs, Mom

bemused said...

Oh, pets are so good at that trick.

My cats have hidden in plain sight while playing deaf when I called them. Twice my cat, Sasha, 'hid' so well that we thought she was lost. We combed the house and neighborhood for 2 hours before we found her - once inside the TV cabinet, the other time on top of the fridge. Both times she was completely unaware (and seemingly uncaring) about the trouble she'd caused us.

They know their cuteness and lovability is going to get them forgiveness. Dang them.