Thursday, October 05, 2006

Friday night football

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not much of a sports enthusiast. But I am fond of the nostalgia of it all. Baseball on a warm summer evening, AYSO soccer shorts and small town football when the whole town shows to the games, whether or not they have kids in high school or not. Got to experience last month the homecoming game at my parent's alma mater, small town in northeastern Kansas. The stands were packed and it was a breath taking evening. Kids in the stands were hyper with excitement, and I realized I hadn't been to a football game since, well, high school. It was hard to watch the game since I was so busy watching everything else: the parents, the kids, the mascot. I'm just like that when it comes to sports. I watch everything BUT the sport. Here are some of the things I saw that night...
dusk and the flag
kansas sky above the field
excitedly awaiting the running of the team
sabetha bluejays


Anonymous said...

Nice photos LeLo!

Rozanne said...

What? No pix of the half-time show? That's the best part!

Don't tell me you used half-time as an opportunity to hit the concession stand or the ladies room.

It used to really grill my dad's (the school's band director) cheese when people did that.

Monogram Queen said...

I love highschool football, college football, NFL you name it.
There is something sweet and uncomplicated about a small-town HS football game though. Do you have more pics?

Anonymous said...

Great post of nostalgia and great shots!

When I was /in/ high school, I watched the game. I watched the people if I was writing a sports-feature for the school paper, but I could keep up with the game then too. These days, I'm like you are, it's so hard to watch the game when the people there are doing so many interesting things!

(lol @ razanne's saying "grill my dad's cheese"! I've never heard that! I'm going to use it my first chance today ;)

SassyFemme said...

Great pictures! When I was in high school, back in the stone age, we'd do "perimeters" during the games; walk the perimeter of the field seeing who you knew was there, and who was dating who that weekend, I never liked the game itself.

StePHen said...

you are like me :) these are the kinds of things that actually get me out to the game (which i am completely lost on)

ps. great pictures!