Monday, May 14, 2007

Cue the theme song from CHiPs

My ponch
You know she's going to kill me for the comparison, but it's not the first time.

Had a super lovely weekend away in San Diego. Family, beach, sun: I should know better to protect my forehead in sun this early in the season. Ouch. I had forgotten the things I love so much about Southern California. That weather is just the best. Hot sun, cool ocean breeze. Blooming things that smell good. It was nice to get away. And what an easy flight: the San Diego airport is a breeze. Did they finish the final elements of the remodel while we were gone? Of course not. But that is for another post. Here are a few more pictures, these from Balboa Park...
Architecture at Balboa Park


Syd said...

Well, she did kinda ask for it. LOL

Great pics.

WenWhit said...

Nice pics, John.

Trop said...

Oh man... I used to live in San Diego. I wasn't really missing it until now. Did you per chance check out Wild Animal Park? That's my favorite place in San Diego.

Monogram Queen said...

Is it wrong I giggled at the CHIPS refernce? Oh well Ponch was always the HOT one!
I'd love to visit SoCal. *sigh*

purpletwinkie said...

w00t! Glad y'all had a nice time. I'm in San Diego in two weeks. w00t!

Whose Porsche?

witchtrivets said...

Oh, very cute. Love the shades and the expression. I can't believe those mirrored shades are back though.

I love Balboa Park. Only been once, but I could have wandered around forever. Once again, your travel photos are inspirational. Mwt and I must do some traveling of our own.