Friday, August 03, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos

at the Beavers game
Feliz cumpleanos AdRi! Nothing like a day at the beach and a night at the ballpark to say happy birthday.
Toes, summer, beach
And today I'm baking pies (peach, if you must know) and a family BBQ is in store this afternoon. I'd say we can place some bets on having some homemade tortillas here a little later and some good nortena music on the stereo. Birthdays should always be celebrated for more than one day, so today we're onto Day 2.
Wink kickin' it on the beach blanket


Patti_Cake said...

Happy Happy Birthday! That has got to be AdRi's sister, they look just alike!

brett said...

Happy Birthday! Please pass it along.

Syd said...

As if the beach taunt wasn't enough, you throw in homemade tortillas too. Tsk, tsk.

Neva said...

Feliz cumpleanos AdRi!

rodger said...

Happy Birthday AdRi!! Enjoy the pie!

Ali and Evan said...

That looks like Arch Cape in the background...though I could be wrong. Glad to see that you are making the most of those Oregon summer peaches...tis the season. As far as those homemade tortillas go, just who is cooking them apples? I happen to be a big sucker when it comes to the freshy tortilla. Ali and I had the great pleasure of traveling to Guatemala earlier this year, and I often found myself buying them by the 50 stack (no joke). Oh, and that would usually last us a day or so. And Happy Birthday to AdRi. Please know you have a free birthday ice cream on us once we are open.

purpletwinkie said...

Happy Birthday AdRi... I should do a videocast in your honor, but I've seen your birthday videos and I'm afraid I could never live up to the master!

WenWhit said...

Mmmm... beach, ball, and tortillas... you know how to make a bday special!

HB, AdRi.

LeLo said...

Patti-Very good! Yes, that is one of AdRi's sisters, NoRi. You can also see a picture of her here:

Brett-Happy birthday to you too!

Syd-You know the bet is still on: Koolickles. That's all I'll say.

Neva-AdRi loved that so much she watched it twice. Awesome.

Ali & Evan: Those homemade tortillas come courtesy of the amazing tortilla maker woman known as AdRi's mother. I have tried to learn how to make them from her and need to try again. She can do it with her eyes closed.

Purpletwinkie and WenWhit: so nice. I've passed your messages along!

Rozanne said...

A baby BBQ!!!!!

Happy belated b-day to AdRi!