Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Macro Photography and some introspection

fancy geranium
I've been experimenting and learning some with my macro lens. Can I just say that thing weighs a ton? But look at the beauty it produces. To see the whole set go here.

When I left my fancy lady busy busy corporate lady job last December, I said I wanted to do more gardening, photography and to have a life. Looking back on the posts from this summer, I feel like I'm totally accomplishing that. And I've gone into business for myself. I have a nice little handful of clients, all whom I love, who keep me busy enough and I actively engaged with them in a way that feels healthy and productive. And I'm able to travel, walk my dog, and learn new things like how to take macro photos. On the macro photo part, I have a whole lot more to learn, I know that. Things like selective focus and better control of lighting--I've only been able to do studio set ups with the macro, no on-site shots since it requires I'm using a tripod, and outside wind makes it super hard. But you know what's really cool? I've already worked macro photography into my job and did some for a client. Love it when that happens.

Sometimes it's so easy to fly through life and not feel you're accomplishing anything. Since I've vowed to be more present in my life, I see I'm accomplishing what I put out there to the world. And lists always help.


Rozanne said...

Excellent observations!

I'm so happy that things are working out as you'd hoped (better than you'd hoped, perhaps?).

You are definitely living your Oregon life this summer and doing it with gusto! Seems like you've got just the right balance of work and fun. Not so easy to do!

bemused said...

WOW! Your photos are amazing! You're not just taking photos, you're creating art. I love the passion flower close-up.

I'm so glad that your choices have led you to a happier place.

Neville Bulsara Photography said...

Nice macro images, keep it up!