Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cue the cute factor

Ginger is officially ready for Day of the Dead
Look who was in the house for a quick 24-hour visit? Yes, that's Ginger. Damn, that girl is snappy sassy and I just can't help but laugh when she's around. Had a lovely visit with RSG with a lunch at Little Red Bike (um, that mac'n'cheese is really good) and talked her into leaving Ginger for a sleep over. Yeah!

When sisters are together, they must dress alike and of course, have a portrait taken. Thus, sugar skull bandanas matchy match just in time for Day of the Dead...
Sisters: a quick one day visit called for a quick matching bandana
Now that Ginger is gone, Wink is sad. Sigh. Next time, next time.
Wink is always on the alert and ready


Kathryn said...

Gingy is sad too. The girls said that she is depressed now that she doesn't have Wink to play with.

Perhaps Wink should pack her overnight bag (including scarf,) and come out the scary suburbs for a spell. We don't have a yummy cafe like where we dined, but I could probably whip something up:)

That's the cutest picture of the two of them, please send!!!

Monogram Queen said...

They are so-o-o-o adorable! If I ever come to NoPo i'm definitely going to the Little Red Bike Cafe if I don't go anywhere else! Heck if I get sent to Seattle for work i'm driving to NoPo!

purpletwinkie said...

I hear dogs talking.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I got a cavity from just looking at these pictures. Waaaay too cute. I just love those girls :-)

Unknown said...

Love the new aprons you created - thanks for making us look so "sassy."

Ali and Evan said...

Oh My. F'in. God. I love every single thing about this post. Dogs are literally the best things that ever happened to us humans. Period.

BTW, I think what my mom is trying to say here in that your aprons rock so much that I haven't allowed Evan to actually wear it anywhere where he might find himself around any stain-causers. Must. Keep. Aprons. Clean. For Wedding. Invite. Pictures. Must.

Hence, he gets to wear it down in the basement, where we also happen to keep an adorable tiny canvas bag belonging to a dear friend. Missing something?

Thanks for this post. It really did make my day.