Saturday, March 08, 2008

Feelin' sass-say

Feels like spring
There's some sassy blogging going on out there! Sass-say! Loving it. I think. But then I was reading my new favorite blog and was relieved to see Sarah Silverman there. I hate her. I totally don't get her. Not funny. Stupid. Actually offensive, from a whiny white girl. But then I saw #25 and hung my head: damn. I guess I am white.

But I've always been sassy, just not so much so in my most recent column. Hmmm. But if you're interested in growing a caprese salad, salsa or even the makings for ratatouille all in a pot, head on over to Sassy Gardener in Just Out for info. And a warning: my next column takes on that stupid overpriced AeroGrow and even makes a jab at Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade. Oh, and men who play with fire. Oh yeah, baby: I'm gettin' my sassy back.

In the meantime, there should be enough links in this post to keep you busy. Have fun.


Ms. Junie said...

Love Sassy! AND i love hummus too!

Rozanne said...

I agree 100% with you about Sarah Silverman. Not funny. Not one little bit.

OK. I feel stupid, but I didn't know that letting a container dry out inhibits its ability to retain water ever after. I'll try to do better on that score.

Neva said...

Sarah Silverman is hit-or-miss with me...and more of the latter than the former.

Thanks for sharing those two blogs with your readers...I have two additions to my Bloglines reader now!

Mmmm....let's white am I? Very! I can claim at least twenty of these traits!