Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two links that have brought me great joy in the past day

Okay joy is the wrong word. But when someone sends me a link and I look at it more than once, then I guess it just takes it to a whole new level. So I share them with you now.

First link, is the Flock of Mullets. Hat tip to Rynosoft.

Second link? An organist touched by Jesus. Hat tip to my brother.

Enjoy. Or be mortified. Your pick.

And here's a bonus, courtesy of PAgent. He's been pondering a trike. I suggested a Big Wheel. And he offers this. Touche, PAgent. Touche.


A Lewis said...

I want a mullet so bad. Can't we please go back to the MDs. (Mullet Days)?

Syd said...

I hate you a little for the organist stumps.

Rozanne said...

Flock o' Ed Begley Jrs.