Saturday, June 21, 2008

My dog is Magnum PI

the epitome of summer: an unbuttoned shirt
Nothing feels quite like summer like an unbuttoned hawaian shirt.
Wink is Magnum PI
Wink wishes you a happy weekend, the first weekend of summer. She'll be accompanying me in the garden today: lots of pruning and tying up to do. Things are getting flopsy mopsy. Yes, my dog is Magnum PI. She needs a case to crack. There's a white cat who's been showing its face in our back garden, and she's quite intent on chasing it away. I think it's bigger than she is. But that won't hold Magnum PI back. Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Syd said...

OMFG, how cute!

Thank you for commenting on my blob, *Wink*. I totally take back my snarky comment about dogs wearing clothes.