Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can you feel it?

I felt it. The chill that enters your elbows, spreads along your arms and down your legs. It makes your nose water. I smelled it. In the musky layering of freshly fallen leaves, cinnamon and smoke. I may have heard it, but I don't remember. I think that is yet to come when Wink and I crunch across the leaves, or listen to the pounding rain. Aaah, then I did hear it on my car's sunroof, shut for the season but still a window directly up to the sky.

And I've seen it. In the deep blue night sky.
sparkles and the deep autumnal sky

In the warming of the colors of the fields.
the colors in fall are golden, red, and deep

In the angle of the light and sun. Golden, warm, nostalgic, bittersweet. The color of mustard and the late bloom of an orange dahlia.
autumn light

In the licking flames of a bonfire.
autumn bonfire

And of a produce stand turned into a concert venue.
music in the produce market

Of pumpkins and a night time tractor ride.
nighttime on a tractor

And the blur of a cornfield as lit at night by farm equipment.
corn at night

It's time to warm by the fire and watch the sparksfly, hold hands and dig out those gloves and matching scarves. For wearing things with texture, like corduroy and nubby sweaters and suede boots. It's time to live, and to love each other. And to be warmed.
sparks fly


A Lewis said...

Oh yeah, tis the season! And I love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Lelo. My favorite things of the season - pulling out all my favourite wool sweaters from the closet!

Miranda said...

Perfection. Gorgeous and simple, but fall totally captured. I love that smoky smell that's everywhere at night these days. . .

Anonymous said...

Miss Leilani Lenopo, you show nuff is gettin' ill! Love yo' shizznit!

Unknown said...

This is so evocative and I know just what you mean about this time of year. So lovely. Thank you!