Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What my dog has to say about this crazy Portland snow

Won't you come out and tour my snow land?
I'll just sit right here and hang out
And this is the garage door.
See here? This is the gate.
This is my land
Post snow warm up


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forget lolcats. This is so much better :)

fairydogmother said...


Anonymous said...

Hey -- that looks like our yard! Hi Winky!!!

Merry Christmas, women. Hope to see you in the new year.

Syd said...

Bless Wink's little heart! Verrry cute.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Wink....EVEN Big MAC up here got a little annoyed with the snow when it iced over. The SHOVELING wore me out just to make a few trails to feeders, get out of garage, deliver mail, etc. Whew! I MISS IT THOUGH. WHY? Now it's the mud.