Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to control aphids in the garden: Part Two

I never promised you a rose garden. But I did promise you a Part Two to my very high-tech solution to aphid control in the garden. Without further ado: part two.


rodger said...

Then there's always the dirty dishwater. The oily, soapy water coats the aphids and they die all the while making the foliage glossy and beautimous.

Of course after a long day at work...I prefer your method. I just imagine each aphid is an egotistical scientist and...I feel so refreshed after smooshing them.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

this is very important. i know some years the aphids are so agreesive. about 5 years ago, they were just aweful. they killed a really nice japanese maple that i had for years. it was here when we bought the house and was very established. and they just kept at it. the next year, it tried to come back, but it was too weak. those bastards !!!

Amy - the gazelle said...

I use both of your methods! (I actually bought some ladybugs at Freddies a few weeks ago - and it was so awesome watching them eat!)

I still have a few on my roses, though....I'm just hoping my broccoli stays free this year.

LeLo said...

Rodger-upon further inspection this weekend, we have too many aphids to rely on my two methods. I'm going to go your route of the dirty dishwater this week every evening. I adore that you too fee refreshed upon smooshing them!

Marie-aphids can be brutal. They just suck! (ha ha ha: gardening humor)

Amy-I agree about how awesome it is to see the ladybugs munching on the aphids. I haven't grown broccoli but I hear they're notorious on it...I heard a gardener say you just refer to that as "pepper" on your broccoli. Eww!