Thursday, May 27, 2010

I wish I was a better garden organizer

love is a rose is love is a rose
I wish I was a better garden organizer, but the truth is, I'm not. I've tried to save plant tags in the past. I've tried the gardening journal. In the past. But the reality is? I'm an emotional gardener. I plant what I'm feeling and what I'm seeing and what I'm loving and what I'm imagining. Not necessarily what I'm organizing. So while I admire from afar the seed sorting approaches, the meticulous binders of plants planted when, I have to come clean. I am not one of you. I plant with my heart.

And that leads us to the topic of this photo. The I-Love-You-Rose. I have no idea what rose this is. Yes, it came from Heirloom Roses in St. Paul. It may very well have been an orphan or an unidentified rose. But for all I know, it ended up in our garden, and last weekend as I passed it during a respite in our rainstorms, I chuckled to myself, I love you. Really. True red, perfect form, single rose. And when I picked it? Thornless. Oh so classic. Am I right?

But because I have not saved its tag, nor written in my journal its lineage, I cannot tell you dear blog reader, what rose it is. And that is because I am not the best garden organizer. Instead? I am a passionizer. And I offer up this mantra to us all...

Unite, all of you unable to keep and organize your plant markers.
Unite, all who fail to dutifully record the date and location of seeds planted.

Unite, all who scratch a bit and throw seeds into the ground,
hoping they'll grow and become something.

All who purchase more than they are able to plant within one week of purchase!

I'm out of breath with that last paragraph, aren't you? Let's just say, it's okay to be with where you are in your love of gardening. Whether it be an organized love or not. A small love or a large love. A just-getting-to-know-you-love or long love.

If you have found yourself mesmerized with the unfurling of a poppy? The sprouting of a seed? You're in.

But in the end? How much do I love this simple red rose? Almost as much as I love the woman holding it. My love, mi amor, the apple of my eye. Love is a many splendored thing. Organization? You're on my list to acquire. Some day, some day. Until then, I have some very beautiful roses to admire.
can you smell them?


Allison Jones said...


You make me laugh. What beautiful flowers, and a great idea. I've been fretting about my garden the whole time I've been out of town, and my amazing dad keeps telling me to just let it be - what will survive will survive. There is this old gardeners saying I like to fall back on: "One for the cutworm, one for the crow, one to rot, and one to grow"

You rock it, passionizer.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

sometimes it is hard to do all of the logging. i have tried saving seeds, but they molded, so i have the let them volunteer themselves all over and i will pull out what i do not like. sorta. those of us that do not have "staff" just have to get certain things done in order to fulfill our responsibilities to out yard's inhabitants. that is the reality.

i posted two foodie posts on my blog. partly to ans the age old question, “what do i do with a giant head of cauliflower.” i have two great recipes that I made and photographed, and of coarse, commented on. the best part is that one can eat the veggies and not feel like a cow, chomping on curd. over and over.

danger garden said...

Ok I do organize my plant tags, although not as regularly as some would. But that last line..."All who purchase more than they are able to plant within one week of purchase!"...oh ya, no problem there. So can I qualify as a passionizer? Please...

Amy - the gazelle said...

I do a decent job at the beginning of each year, logging stuff, saving plant tags - but then I lose everything, and don't bother trying to make some cohesive file. :)

BUT - that picture makes me feel that I need to plant more roses. ALSO I really want to go pick up my tomatoes & peppers - do you think it's still too cold?

Unknown said...

oh how i wish i could be more organized...haha but i'm with you and plant what i love. alot of what i love doesn't grow here, so i plant substitutes and then can't tell anyone what it is when they ask..all i know is i loved it and needed it in my garden..;) so yes, i'm with you on this!


Mark H said...

Why that's one of the most interesting posts I have read in a while. Mystery, romance, hints, gardening. I LOVED it...and THAT IS one spectacular rose. Beautifully written, Lelo.