Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greetings and welcome to my front porch

I read something recently about keeping your front walk clean and tidy. Making sure nothing were to graze an ankle or catch on a passerby. Flowers that don't shed messy spent petals and plants arranged for year-long admiration.

The words made me pause and crinkle my forehead. Raise an eyebrow as well. Perhaps ask myself a question, "Am I doing it wrong?" But then quickly catch myself and laugh.

This is a bit of our front porch. You'll note we have a bouncer.

Yes we have formal pots on both columns on either side of our 100-year old house. This is one of the pots....

petunia + millet + sweet potato vine

There's another pot on the other column. Hidden here behind the giant bronze fennel. There is! I swear!

Do you think we'll have any fennel this year?

And I should warn you. We leave our shoes on the front steps. So watch out for them, will you?
shoes on my front steps

Oh silly gardening rules. Do you believe in them? Do you follow them? Do you raise an eyebrow and laugh at them while pointing?


Wacky Mommy said...

Those shoes make me happy :)

Unknown said...

you inspire me once again! i think i'll take some of xi's too small sparkle shoes and repurpose them!

i just love your garden....*happy sigh*

chook said...

i love your front porch! and i really like the arch at the entrance. what is that blue flower?

LeLo said...

The shoes I bought from Sedum Chicks, the wonderful company here in Portland area who has a booth at many plant sales and some farmers markets. I also have a red high heel shoe from them: they are so fun.

Cat, you totally should use Xi's shoes for this! And with the sedums, they need very little water which makes it even easier.

Chook, ah ha! The arch isn't in most of my photos: you know because you've been here in person. :) The blue flower in the pot is a supertunia. I haven't been a fan of petunias in the past, but some of the new petunias (wave, supertunia, etc.) are fantastic and just keep blooming all season long. I think I got it at our local Fred Meyer.

Heather said...

Dorothy visited your house!

Also - I was just reading a book on Giverny the other day and Monet purposefully planned his Grand Allee so that flowers would spill out onto it. So to heck with those rules!

Brent Logan said...

Love the shoes! We have a shoeless house and I hate the shoes sitting by the front door. Having a planted pair makes it fun. Thanks for the idea!

pam said...

Your porch is gorgeous...plants, kitty cats and shoes! My porch is a wreck..flower petals everywhere, spider webs, and cat hairballs.

rodger said...

You have ruby slippers...we have work boots. Love those can plant 'em darn near anywhere.