Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recycled lighting for the garden

Lights hanging in the garden
The hanging glass orbs in our garden are crackled and perfect for emitting light...because in a previous life, they were indoor light fixtures. I've been collecting these different sizes and colors of glass fixtures for a while now, and they are so simple and easy to refurnish into hanging lanterns for candles to glow on summer evenings.

All you do is wrap wire around the top lip, and then create a hanging loop of wire at the length you desire. As for hanging them from your tree, shower curtain clips are perfect. They also make it easy to unclip and store the lighting globes come winter.

garden napping spot

Mine have a crackle finish, but even when seen during the day, I like their round shape, and their overall simplicity.

Perfect for creating a little magic in one of my most favorite spots in the garden.

lighting in the garden
View from the woodland walk


Amy said...

that is so beautiful! I wish that were landscape-ily creative! I can grow almost anything, but I'm not very good aesthetically. :( You are truly inspirational. Also, invited over at any time. :)

Laura said...

That's beautiful! A simple but great recycling craft for the garden, I like it!

Marilyn said...

i love this idea! your garden is something in, outta this world. :)

Kristi said...

That looks like such a cozy and relaxing place to chill out after a stressful day. I like the re- purposing of the light fixtures very creative.

Anonymous said...

dreamy & beautiful !

nancy =) said...

your life is so beautiful =)

mjn said...

You inspire me nearly every day to put a little more beauty in my life. I'm not ashamed to steal many of your ideas, either...this one is next. ;-)

Best Wishes, Marie said...

that is cool !