Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Then and now: the fair

There was a time when I was a preteen, and my older sister went to Beauty School. It was the 80s. Growing up I had long straight hair with bangs kept trimmed by my dad with a good scissor trim on the back patio every other Sunday evening. But when my sister went to Beauty School, that changed. Perms were in, and she needed practice. Family photos changed then too, because everyone in my family ended up with perms.

But this post isn't about my bad apple pectin perm (anyone else remember that smell?). It's about entering items into county or state fairs.

Me and my perm, and my county fair ribbons

Yes, that's me, with my drawings and ribbons from the Ventura County Fair. Yes, I liked to draw cats and lions. There may even have been some horses in there. There were also some abstract watercolors, I believe. I took art classes at the local art center, produced these masterpieces, and won a few ribbons. How much do you love those ribbons?

Well I have my eye on the ribbon again, only this time, it's at the Oregon State Fair and I'm entering some of my canned items.

I spoke with the coordinator of the Creative Living (formerly the Home Arts) department at the Oregon State Fair as part of last week's Lelo Homemade. Listen in on our conversation here.

And just to be clear...there are over 500 entries in Creative Living at the Oregon State Fair. While I covet a ribbon, in no way do I expect my entries to win when up against some of these master canners from all over the state. But you know, a ribbon? Everyone loves a ribbon!


Heather said...

Good luck! I too have lots of wonderful memories from the county fair when I was growing up. A few years back I entered some of my needlework into the fair where I was living at the time. Yes, I won a ribbon, so anything's possible!

Amy said...

whoa! I didn't know one could enter stuff in the fair! I was in 4-H as a kid and entered a LOT of stuff at the county & state fairs (photography, baked goods, needlepoint, ceramics, sewn clothing, and canned goods - some of those were better than others), but didn't know ADULTS could do stuff like that! This is so exciting! I love the fair!

A Lewis said...

Nice curls and smile! I remember my first perm.....around 1980 at Fantastic Sams in Boise. Oh gawd. And nobody knew about me. Even with that curly perm.

Traci said...

I love this! It brought back memories of my own perms and my ribbon winning Lemon Bars and Lemon Bundt Cake entered in the same Ventura County Fair, and later on my ribbon winning produce at the Puyallup Fair. Good luck with your latest entries! I see pretty ribbons in your future.

Anonymous said...

Even now, my favorite part of our local fair is wandering the exhibit building, oohing and aahing at canned goods, decorated cakes, quilts, and the kids' artwork. And then we go out to the churches' booths for all the food. Love me a fair!