Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, start your hot water baths. It's time to get canning.

Zucchini pickles in the jar
It's high time for canning and we're chatting about it on the latest Lelo Homemade.

I may not have a love of pickles, but I can respect the pickle, and this week Erin joins us to talk about her micro CSA, The People's Pickle, and all of the pickling she's been up to. Seriously. She's the Mistress of Pickling and will pickle anything...including grapes! I tried one last night and they're tasty, and pickly. Is that a word? Pickly? Pickley? Pickle-like? Picklepackle? I'll stop.

Anyway, listen in on our latest chat over at Lelo Homemade....

chubby pickle


Amy said...

I love pickling! I am okay with the end product (although I must admit to becoming more of a pickle fan in my old age).

I am pretty excited to learn more about pickled grapes. (Also, I am planning on pickling some garlic with my hordes of leftover garlic I have!)

Heather said...

As a newbie this year, I just stuck with trying my grandma's sweet pickles. Definitely an old-fashioned recipe as they marinated for eight days before canning. But also discovered her "secret" ingredient was cinnamon - yum!

Anonymous said...

great post thanks