Monday, September 27, 2010

Monthly links and things I've seen on the interwebz

I've been collecting a bevy of wonderful links to share with you this month, all pretty eye candy or resources or stories I've found of note.

I'm going to make one of these: a moss chair. Here in Portland, Oregon, this should be a pinch to keep going once the moss is growing. I can't wait to do a future blog post from the moss chair.

What's another use for that ton of zucchini you've grown? Fend off bears. Zucchini: making the world a safer place.

Ever wondered about Groupon and how those killer deals work? Here's how it worked for one local business. Good to know.

Do you ever stand at the produce comparing prices of organic and non organic? I do, and choosing can be confusing. The Dirty Dozen is a great list of produce it's best to buy organic, and the fifteen products least likely to test positive for pesticide. Great information to know and have.

Wondering about acid levels in your canning, especially when it comes to tomatoes? Eugenia has a great post about canning safety, and it's all about dropping acid. Nice, Eugenia.

Do you believe in a color associated with your birthday? Find out yours at this very fun Pantone site. Mine was absolutely spot on right.

Whatever you do, please do not follow this advice. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ack.

And finally, I'm using a new free program to collect links and assorted great things I see in the world: it's called Evernote.


Heather said...

Oh that flower post is awful!

Gudrun said...

how are you using Evernote? I have had it on my iphone for a while, but haven't spent a load of time with it. What is your favorite feature?

P.S. I like the new look!

LeLo said...

Heather-I can't believe someone actually thought sticking fake flowers in your garden pots would be a good idea. Yuk!

Gudrun-I'm using Evernote in my browser as a way to collect, organize and tag things I see on the internet. I haven't started using it on my phone yet, but as a collection of links for particularly these kind of blog posts, it's helpful.