Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What is the state of your garden?

me and my beans
What’s the State of the Garden in early September? On the latest episode of LeLo Homemade we do an early September check in (and perhaps bitch session) about the rough time many of us Portland area gardeners are having, especially with our tomatoes. Do you realize I haven’t had one BLT this summer? So wrong, in so many ways.

We chat with fellow gardener Amy, author of Gazelles on Crack, about what’s going on in her garden, and her history of growing corn, and naming them after people. In fact, she names all of the plants in her garden. And talks to them! Aaah, we gardeners are a strange lot, aren’t we? Amy is fun.

I also give some tips on how to deal with those tomato plants right now, and do a little reflection on what’s going so well in the garden. My glass is not half empty, and neither is yours. Beans! Herbs! Arugula! Focus on the positive people. And reflect a little to remember next year.

Listen in here:


Best Wishes, Marie said...


like many things in life, sometimes our expectations get in the way of just enjoying our gardens, homes, bodies, etc...... part of that is the marketing.

many of the things we see have staffs that care for them. or stylist, etc..... or the plants were just stuck in the ground just before the photo.

we can all practice saying, "i am satisfied. i am satisfied." to counteract the constant messages telling us that we need to be, have, do more.

(and of coarse, we should have all this stuff and not be in debt.)

no wonder there are so many people on prozac.

best wishes, marie

tom | tall clover farm said...

My garden is in a state of disarray and disillusionment, oh wait that's my state of being. I'm with you, no BLTs for me either, unless made with bacon bits and croutons.

Anonymous said...

The glass might be half full but my ornamental grasses are half way to the ground, bowed over by all the free water we've been getting over the past twenty four hours. I really love the rain but it's depressing how it saturates everything... I guess this is what water is supposed to do so I'd better grab my glass and stop my whining. Cheers! :)

Lise said...

Hey LeAnn!

It is a bit difficult to surrender to fall when one hasn't eaten more than a few Sun Gold cherry tomatoes from one's own garden. Nevertheless, I hear what you're saying about glasses being on the full side. There are so many great things about fall, like the fact that I can be active in my garden in the middle of the day without passing out!

I have been listening to guided imagery a lot recently, Belleruth Naparstek being my choice of guides, and one of the things I've picked up is to stop and smell, see, touch, and listen when I'm feeling anxious or empty. Usually, those are the times when I reach for food-as-comfort. I love food and I think our obsession with weight and maligning of food is sad, but it is nice to to satisfy myself in other ways, to consciously fill up on beauty.

The garden is providing a lot of beauty for me to fill up on right now. One of my favorite things of the many wonderful things in summer/early fall is the crickets singing in the trees and garden beds! At night, wandering slowly around the block with my dog, Bella, I listen to them and find Orion in the sky. Fall is definitely coming.

Stephen said...

My garden looks gresat in late summer. Wanna see it?