Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apple Roundup at the OK-Corral

Apple 1Apple 2

I used to not like apples. I know, can you believe it?

I should probably clarify that it's the actual biting into the whole, fresh, apple that I've never liked to do.

I mentioned apples to my mom recently and she said the same thing. Now I know where I got it. And you know I can't help but say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Apple 3Apple 4

But back to apples. I lurve apples now. When you step outside the confines of the typical apples at our typical grocery store, here in the Northwest, at least, you can discover a huge, wide world of apple glory. Varieties large and small, deep red, bright green, and every shade between. And the flavor differences are crazy.

We even have apple festivals and if you didn't make it to an apple weekend in Hood River this year, put it on your calendar for next, because they're a lot of fun. Here's a post with photos from a trip to pick apples in Hood River: so pretty!

The crazy popularity of the apple sampler weekends at Portland Nursery (where I took these apple photos) proves a point that we love apples, and tasting the many different kinds is a passionate sport. Tangy, tart, sweet, crunchy, smooth...apples run the gamut.

Apple 5Apple 6

In fact, apples, some of our favorite things to do with apples, were the topic of a recent Lelo Homemade. Many I talked about were already here on the blog, but if you haven't made applesauce or apple butter in your slow cooker yet, you need to do it and revel in its simplicity. Here's a link to how I do it.

Of course there's apple pie, and I learned recently that mixing your apple types makes for the best kind of apple pie. Here's my KISS Apple Pie recipe.

Thinking apple cake instead? Alanna's Estonian Apple Cake is lovely, super simple, and shows off the apples well.

I also mention in the show that growing up I loved my grandmother's red hot cinnamon apples. I actually made them during my first canning explorations a few years back. My grandmother's will always taste better, but this is what I had tried....Spiced Apple Rings.

Apple 7Apple 8

I cannot believe I haven't had any good, fresh, unpasteurized apple cider yet this season. This must be remedied! This shall be remedied! I'm putting it on my list right now...

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Laura said...

I had the same dislike of apples for the same reason in my youth. Now, I love apples! We are expanding the vegetable gardens next spring and will be adding a grafted apple tree! I'm looking forward to getting a few of my favorites all on one tree!

Beth said...

wow, those pictures are beautiful. I kinda want to dive in an roll around in them... how much is too much?


Thanks for the delightful post!


e said...

I always cut apples into slices for eating... for much the same reason.

I make applesauce fairly often but have never tried it in the slow cooker. What a great idea! Thank you!

One more thing: I heartily concur with your pie rules. However, I have the hardest time finding sour cherries for pie. Do you know of a reliable local (pdx) source? Local sour cherries would make the upcoming food holiday super fantastic!

Lisa said...

Can you believe I've never done a fruit tour through the Hood River area? The apples are beautiful! Still, I am amazed at how many varieties there are every time I make it as far as my local market. Fruit is one thing I definitely love about this part of the country.