Monday, November 22, 2010

Time of abundance

on the half shell
It's easy to get caught up in the chaos and commercialism of this season. The Christmas ads began at Halloween and even the news seems to be hyper-focused on reporting shopping opportunities as lead stories. I don't get it. And I remind myself this isn't my life.

It's this time of year I once again become mesmerized with the tiny bits of natural life, and how the little collections in my home become stories of connection...

A trio of stones reminds me of the hot rocks of the Yuba River in Northern California, and as I work them through my hands, I can smell the sage of those dusty, summer hillsides. I dive into a bowl of shells, calling to me the underwater world of snorkeling the Hawaiian islands, hearing my own breathing while watching a sea turtle swim by, and the weightlessness of being in the warm, tropical waters. A stick from the garden, covered in lichen and moss, colors so beautiful and right out my back door reminds me despite this week's call for snow, it's wonderfully alive out there. And I can begin to dream of next year's garden.

Gifts from nature bring memories, reminders and connections to things much more important than the long line of a new chain store opening downtown. I remind myself this time of abundance is what we make it, me and the ones I love, with my family and friends, and with my creativity.

I think this is going to a wonderfully creative week and one of abundance. Happy Monday!


jaibone said...

We so think alike. Nature provides all the beauty we really need. Sense memories are something special.

Den Mother said...

Les Monstres love you, LeAnn. You get it.

Wacky Mommy said...

happy monday to you, too, babe :)