Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The road less traveled

The road less traveled is always the most interesting...and beautiful.
I've been doing a lot of reflecting, planning (business and personal), and general tending of the house that has nothing to do with literally, tending the house. I've been bringing a focused intention to my actions and realize that as a creative person, it's easy to get off task or daydream into another thought or spend more time on a little thing rather than the larger things that are really most important to me. And through this focused intention, I'm realizing that my own crafting of my life, really, is about taking the road less traveled. Not the common nor the expected. Of this constant listening to myself to know where to go next, to look forward to what's beyond the curve in the road. To ponder pulling over and going off road.

When I took this photo I titled it "The road less traveled is always the most interesting...and beautiful." Even this analogy is one I've used throughout my life. When things like this continue to pop up I listen to them carefully. They are messages from the universe reminding me to listen to them, and to myself.

No big epiphanies here to share with you other than thoughts on the season. For me it's a time of reflection and of the beginning of the dark season of within. Dark is not always bad. It's a reconnecting to self, of listening, of seeing, and of being present on this road less traveled. It's a beautiful time of year. Make sure you are experiencing it.


Recovering Straight Girl said...

There are many things I like about the darker and rainy days. I like to light candles and my fireplace and allow the light to bounce around. I love making something delicious that simmers in the oven for hours and I like to hear the rain fall. There is something safe and snuggly about the fall and I try each year to embrace the parts of it I enjoy and I agree it's a time to reconnect to yourself and slow down. XO

e said...

And with less sunlight, we won't be out in the garden, daydreaming.
A good reminder. Thank you!

Desert Diva said...

Personally, I don't enjoy autumn and winter (as I do spring and SUMMER). The earth prepares to rest and sleep, days grow increasingly shorter, and the darkness comes.

However, it's not the darkness itself that's debilitating - it's how we "perceive" the darkness and what we do (or don't) to "feed our spirits."

In the time when the earth rests, it can be a real time of self discovery and personal growth. Thanks for reminding me of that fact...

Marilyn said...

a lovely post. so many of us lament the darker, shorter days...yet gifts reside in those times when we turn inward and hunker down...it's important to be reminded of them. (and p.s. i'm a 'road less traveled' type, too.) ;)

CrackerLilo said...

One of my tweeps stated recently that dreary, rainy days are good for helping her therapy patients really get inside and think about their pasts. I can definitely see that.

Every season has a place and purpose, which is something I didn't really get to see in Florida. I understand now why "transplants" missed their seasons and said we didn't have any.

Reflection and thought aren't to be feared, but embraced, no matter what our culture around us screams. I like that there's a time to just settle down and think. I'm glad you're using it, though I'd expect no different from you.