Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last of the carrots

harvesting the last of the carrots
The carrots are on their last legs, many are getting hairy, so these are most likely the last of the season. How can you even compare homegrown carrots to grocery store carrots? Let alone bagged dry baby carrots vs. the flavor of these juicy tasty carrots? It's like night and day.

I have to admit that Wink's favorite treat is a carrot, and that just the sound of the knife chopping on the chopping board brings her to the kitchen. Can't get her to come downstairs? Get out the chopping board and hit it a few times with the knife. It's like magic! There she is.

The magical power of carrots. Can't wait to grow them again next year.

Bonus: Guess who is getting better and better with her walks in the park? Proof:
Wink likes walks again


A Lewis said...

I like 'em with the dirt on 'em!

Amy said...

We dug the last of our (getting hairy) carrots 3 weeks ago. And then ate them all promptly. I love carrots! (Baby carrots from the store aren't even real, are they?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Wink! Glad she's doing well. I had a cat years ago who knew when the mixer was churning chocolate chip cookie dough. She would come running. But if I was mixing anything else, she never appeared. Amazing!
Lee Ann