Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi. I’m Barry White. I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby

I’ve had this lame ass cold for 4 fricking days and I’ve just about had it. I can’t talk without having a coughing spasm, and about a half hour ago, my right ear went out of commission. Actually, that’s not true. It’s functional, but all sounds through it sound as if under water. I’m back at work after being home sick for half the week, and downtown is swirling with sailors in their obscenely white uniforms. How do they keep those things clean? Back to me. It feels like there’s a grapefruit lodged in my throat, and my sexy new deep Barry White voice is making me sing “I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby .” But that makes me laugh. Which makes me cough. Is this week over yet?


Joseph said...

OH GOD!!! I had that crap for like 2.5 months. I'm serious, that cough is never ending. I hope for your sake it's nothing like what I had. (bronchitis)

if you google Persistent Cough, I think my blog comes up. Someone found me that way once. LOL!

seeing as your unwell, I think the While You Were Out moment is not expected.

You lost me for a moment with the sailors in their white uniforms....reowr! Sorry, back to you...I do hope you recover quickly. XO

Anonymous said...

I wear a hematite ring and perform a daily sacrifice to Mesickmenot of 3 sneezes to the setting sun. Additionally, I've found the saliva of Chihuahuas quite theraputic.

But seriously, I do wear a hematite ring.

I read once it wards off illness. And I don't really get sick. Sick in the head. Sick of work. Acute carpel tunnel syndrome. But hack-o-rama cough-a-thon? Thanks be to hematite...

or the fact that I'm so frickin' paranoid of contracting some funky ass $hit from the throngs of tweakers and hookers that trapse through my work that I touch virtually nothing and keep my hands soaking in Purell.

One day a magnificent super bacteria is going to jump down my throat and fuck with me for 6 months, I just know it.

Rozanne said...

Obscenely white uniforms!

That is the perfect description of them! I'm glad I stayed the hell away from downtown this weekend.