Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Awful Plastic Surgery-update at end of post

I'm fascinated with the Awful Plastic Surgery site.
Check out Pete Burns from one of my favorite 90's bands, Dead or Alive. People. What is with plastic surgery?

It's so obvious when it's done, and what's particularly scary, is that so many women, as they age, are all beginning to look alike.

And what really defines the perfect beauty? Do the clients of plastic surgeons look alike because they have the same surgeon whose idea of the perfect nose is applied to all of them?

Has anyone told Pete here that his lips look frake-ay? Does he not have any honest friends? People. Tell your friends when their surgery has gone overboard: friends don't let friends over-surgerize.

UPDATE: Check out Ja'AmLo's photos and plastic surgery update


Rigo said...

You know as soon as I save enough money, I'm getting some work done.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the physician have some responsibility to ask his clients, "Are you out of your freaking mind?!?!?!" when they ask for such gonna-look-bizarre procedures? It seems they are just pimping for money when they do procedures with these kinds of outcomes. Don't they live by the same creed - "First, do no harm" - as other physicians?

Disgraceful. They should stick to correcting features, such as cleft lips, that really do improve someone's appearance.

The picture of those lips is gonna give me nightmares!


LeLo said...

Rigo; I should have known that. Yo conozco.
L-We would think but alas, even doctors can be, GASP, bought out.
Stevieb-He ain't my son, son. But you're exactly right. You got da money, we all your friends and we're not going to tell you you're wrong. That means, not real friends.


Pam Hogeweide said...

(hi lelo, i think you popped by my blog a few weeks ago. i just saw you on orblogs and recognized your name. i like your blog, friendly and fun...i'm a nopo girl, too, out here near st john's)

i'm not into plastic surgery but i do have some tattoos and some folks don't get how i could do that to my body and spend the bucks that i have on my body art.

and, i just spent some buku bucks to get braces on my daughter's teeth. the day of her appt i suddenly was overcome with a wave of "What are we doing here?" panic. I am paying a big chunk of change so my daughter will have healthier teeth and a dazzling smile. am I affected by our beauty-obsessed culture? maybe....the ken doll guy is an interesting manifestation of the times we live in