Tuesday, August 16, 2005

News alert: President Bush has a summer reading list

Get out. It’s true. HE READS. And evidently there are three books on his list.

P.S. I read Auntie Mame and Shadow of the Wind on my vacation: I wonder if those are on his list too? We could have a book group!


geeekgirl said...

and then he is gonna go on a bike ride with Lance.

Rozanne said...

I tried to read that salt book and got bogged down around the third chapter.

If I couldn't make it though it, I know Bush (with his bean-sized brain) isn't going to make it.

I think it's hilarious that the authors of the books he chose can't stand him and that Kurlansky said he didn't know that Bush read books.

Rozanne said...

What's with the msg. that says you're trying to steal an image?

LeLo said...

bye bye bad photo. you weren't that great anyway.

As to the topic at hand. Aah, bike riding and book reading. Fishing. All the great makings of yet another presidential vacation, while the country is at war. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what a worthless piece of @#$%!

My ex- brother in law is getting sent over. The dumbass signed up after the war started because he lacked direction and the folks thought it was a good idea. Yeah that's righ this parents thought it was a good idea. Did I mention they drive an SUV?

Ja'AmLo said...

wonder if he'll attempt to mastet the Segway again.