Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Droppin' Old Skool

Props to this hottie for his awesome mix delights and providing us with the best old skool playlist*.…
1. It Must Be Magic by Teena Marie
2. Call Me by Skyy
3. Candy Man by Mary Jane Girls
4. I’ve Just Begun to Love You by Dynasty
5. Joystick by Dazz Band
6. Got To Be Enough by Con Funk Shun
7. What People Do For Money by Divine Sounds
8. Backstrokin’ by FatBack
9. Wet My Whistle by Midnight Star
10. Let’s Get Crackin’ by Shock
11. Free World by Jesse Johnson
12. Square Biz by Teena Marie
13. Call It What You Want by Bill Summers

You know this list kicks ass!

*And yes, these are today's sounds in Maui. You knew I had to get that into this post, didn't you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling you sister, feeling that big loving mahalo Hawaiian spirit... ahhh... I'm getting a contact high. Snorkel yet?