Thursday, September 22, 2005

Caption this photo

Oh holy crap. I love me some gossip over at Perez Hilton—Hollywood's most hated website! But this photo really scares me. So much in it, so much to see and take note of. But then any extended time looking at the photo scares me. Have I used the word scare enough?

Caption it peeps. Bring it on. Especially you, Superinky.


LeLo said...

Don't tell me you don't notice the sprayed on jaw shadowing. I'm thinking of trying that!

M.S. Christensen said...

RYC: Yeah. "Man up" was pretty damn funny. I think they brought back Stephenie and Bobby Joe back because their tribe sucked so much ass last time. I must say I was not too thrilled with the idea.

Ja'AmLo said...

Hey, if we have a kid, we can name it Boy Za Za.

LeLo said...

OMG. I've been visited by THE perez hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So not worthy.

Anonymous said...

Now, if only they'd take the bright lights off us and we can maintain this precise expression and angle, we can slink out of here & they may not notice that I've actually created a chin for myself using clever shading techniques.

P.S. I just got the coolest string of words I had to enter to leave this comment: qeujuavy. I love it. In fact, I do believe I'm going to attempt to integrate this word into a conversation tomorrow.