Friday, September 16, 2005

From Congressman Barney Frank’s lips today, heard live and in person…

“I wish the average citizen believed in the separation of church and state the same way he believes in the separation of sports and politics.”

Thanks Congressman Frank for bringin' it home: that quote is a keeper and I couldn’t agree more. And thanks for speaking at a graphic design conference: yes, government does have a place at the table in the design community, and vice versa.
My blog manifesto articulates that I don’t blog about my professional life. But I’m throwing that out the window right now. I’m at the AIGA Design Conference in Boston. Feeling inspired, stimulated, amused, and in awe. And, without naming names, a little underwhelmed, too. You name the design luminary, they’re here.
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid spoke this morning: love him. If you don’t know his work (he’s also known as Paul D. Miller), check out that linky link with his name. He showed this amazing cool video. I love the convergence of music + poetry + video + art + hip hop + imagery + power + old school + new school way of design. I missed him this last week in Portland as part of the TBA Festival. He also threw out a new term I hadn’t heard before, as something he identifies as: gangsta nerd. That so kicks ass.

Here’s a picture of the stage set up: pretty cool multi-level thing with musicians and an artist above, performing during the keynotes….


Now that my luggage has arrived, 24 hours after I did, I’ll be able to do my hair, wear deoderant and clean clothes tomorrow: what a nice thing to look forward to!


Ja'AmLo said...

George Bush doesn't care about Gangsta Nerds.

Anonymous said...

That video...



Ja'AmLo said...

tis a good vid. tis a dayamn good vid.

Anonymous said...

Damn kid, you've been holding out on me. Not only are you in in the AIGA ( I just steered a 15 yr old upstart tp the site for guidance) and a fellow creative, but your in Boston, my neck of the woods.
For shame, for shame.
I wish I could have torn myself away from my work to come down.
Looks like miss Motokitty has found a space for the tinymeat relocation extravaganza on Miss. ave, Yahoo!
Boston Tip: The Camper store on Newbury Ave. is quite lovely.

Anonymous said...

awesome video...can't wait to watch it on my home computer (which has sound).

and you saw/heard Barney Frank! AWESOME!!! That man could probably recite the Constitution in his sleep....he's that good.

And could you please blog a bit more about graphic design and government? I have absolutely no clue what you mean and would love to learn more :)