Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've received or found a slew of really good links lately, so here they are compiled for all of your wondrous goodness. Have fun.

Brokeback paraphernalia is finally getting good....if you haven't seen Matt Lauer and Al Roker doing the loge a la Brokeback Mountain style, don't miss this one.

Finally, the Brokeback dolls are out, and available on e-bay. Get 'em while you can. These boys are hot.

Practice your target shooting a la Cheney style. Steady.....steady.......SHOOT!

And the creme de la creme, Jesus the Musical. Damn. That's good.


Kami said...

LOVE the Cheney game. ;)

bemused said...

Loved the Cheney game, too.

Man, some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

Rozanne said...

I guess I need to check out the Cheney game.

I watched the double luge video. Pretty darn hilarious. Is that the weirdest sport ever or what?

bemused said...

I couldn't get the luge video to load earlier but I did now. OMG, what those TV people do for ratings. Those girly screams on the way down...but, heck, not sure I'd have done any better. Oh, but wait, I *am* a girl so I guess girly screams would have been okay for me.

Zoe said...

I love the Jesus the Musical. Sorry but, I'm going to have to post that on my blog too.