Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sisters Portraits

There was a time, before my brother was born, that my sister and I wore matching dresses for Easter, and had our portraits taken. So I thought it was only fitting that we take portraits of the sisters while Ginger was staying with us. Behold their glory:
easter portraitsisters
Ginger went home this morning. AdRi was hoping to pawn off a stuffed dog toy we have as Ginger and not actually give Ginger back at all. That wouldn't have been nice. But she has been talking about doing that for several days now. Ginger is a very sweet little dog. And when I say little, I mean little. She's about half the size of her sister, Wink. We had lots of fun, went for lots of walks, and they even came in to my work with me a little bit yesterday. Wink showed Ginger how to ride in an elevator, and how to be as cute as possible for my coworkers. When Wink is happy, she wiggles. When Ginger is happy, she wags her tail. Thus, Wiggles and Waggles served as the Welcome Wagon to many.

And there's just something about this picture that makes me smile.

Goodbye, Ginger, and tell your mom thanks!
ginger portrait


jojo said...

yes i can relate to dressing like (all 5 of) my sisters. a part of me liked it and a part of me hated it. But there is obviously SOMETHING to be said about it... these photos are incredibly sweet! I just want to "eat them up" - really really REALLY cute! My cat would never go for this... I'd end up with a hiss and multiple scratches.

Rozanne said...

Unbelieveably cute! Dogs in little striped pajamas. Better start entering them in those Reader's Digest contests. You could win 25 bucks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lelo, this is proshness to the nth degree, I just lah.. lu...


(me falling to the floor from CUTENESS)

pack of 2 said...

I had no idea that Gingersnap was so much smaller than Wink(snap;)

Glad you had a fun time...I'm sure mommy is happy to have her home.


Anne said...

in some strange way this is SO wrong... and yet, so damn cute it's unbelievable!

adorable, really. even to a non-dog-owner.

Unknown said...

Hi LeLo! Love the dogs! I was googling for an old family recipe that we had lost along the way...Jello-O, cheese, cottage cheese...and found your blog. Way cool! We have recently adopted a pair of long-hair daschunds from the animal shelter. Haven't dressed them up yet but I think I'll have to! You have inspired me! Have a great day. --Linda from Texas

Kathryn said...

cutest. pictures. ever.

I request an 8x 10 for the wall.